A day of two halves

After a spell of oppressively hot and unpleasantly humid weather, we were delighted to note that the forecast for the weekend was offering a reprieve, so we made plans to go walking with a friend. However, he wasn’t going anywhere until the morning football game was over, and since England were playing we felt we ought to show willing, so at just after 10am we found ourselves in a beer hall in Jersey City with a bunch of (mainly) England supporters from both sides of the Atlantic.

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May miscellany

May seems to have been and gone in a flash, hurried along by us spending its first two weeks in England. So far, June has felt more wintry than summery (Jun-uary, as one friend described it earlier), and it seems amazing that last week was a full 20F warmer. I’m sure this cold snap won’t last long, and soon we’ll be complaining about the humidity once again, but meanwhile it’s nice to look back on warmer weeks.

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Surprisingly hilly and no rain at all

Seattle confounded all our expectations from the start, as we arrived on a gloriously sunny afternoon and stared up at the hill rising sharply from the waterfront. I’m not sure why it being hilly was such a surprise, but that was the first thing we both noticed, followed immediately by the fact that it wasn’t raining.

View of Seattle from Capital Hill

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