Monday miscellany

Another of my occasional “what have we been up to lately” posts…

With the end of summer fast approaching we finally made it to an open-air performance, and I managed to visit an exhibition I’ve been meaning to see at the Met for months, just days before it closed. We spent the Labor Day weekend visiting a friend in Chicago, and the 9/11 anniversary weekend singing two different requiems at St Bart’s. Continue reading

Summer outings

Since it’s been a while, and I’m killing time waiting for some granola to bake (yes, apparently I have nothing better to do with a morning off), I thought I’d trawl through my camera and see what treasures were lurking therein. It turns out we’d been doing all kinds of fun things which I’d largely forgotten about, giving an alternative meaning to the phrase ‘photographic memory’. Continue reading

May miscellany

May seems to have been and gone in a flash, hurried along by us spending its first two weeks in England. So far, June has felt more wintry than summery (Jun-uary, as one friend described it earlier), and it seems amazing that last week was a full 20F warmer. I’m sure this cold snap won’t last long, and soon we’ll be complaining about the humidity once again, but meanwhile it’s nice to look back on warmer weeks.

anniversary beer Continue reading