A series of exciting excursions

Another recent visitor from England saw us hitting the tourist trail with a vengeance. As a first time visitor to NYC she had a long list of must-sees, and we were happy to offer the benefit of our experience of the city too. It was lovely to reconnect whilst seeing the sights, and her interests meant that we had some new experiences as well as revisiting old favourites.


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The Philharmonic in the park with a rain shower

Every summer, the New York Philharmonic performs a series of concerts in parks around the city, taking in all five boroughs. In previous years, my plans to attend have been thwarted by scheduling conflicts and a rain storm, so this year I was even more determined to be among the audience in Central Park.

arty shot of my ticket and programme
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Art and the Upper East Side

Is there anything more satisfying than when circumstances line up nicely? Since we moved away from the area the Upper East Side hasn’t exactly been on our must-visit list, but last Thursday night the stars aligned, and I found myself breaking my journey to meet some friends for dinner by dropping into the opening reception of an art exhibition. This show was of particular interest as it featured an installation by an artist friend of ours. (And I must say that popping into a gallery opening en route to dinner felt like a very New York thing to be doing!) Continue reading

Food and foliage

Having just returned to NY after a couple of ridiculously busy weeks in England, a lazy Saturday was very much in order. The weather was beautifully warm and sunny so a walk in Central Park seemed to be just the thing (after a breakfast of coffee and waffles, of course).

Weekend breakfast

First outing for our beautiful new cafetiere!

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Central Park in winter – another view

Rummaging through photographs from the last couple of months, I came across a few taken as we walked across Central Park one sunny afternoon. I have nothing whatsoever of interest to say about them, but thought I might post them anyway, if only as a counterbalance to all the snowy park pictures I’ve been sharing lately.

Central Park bicycles

I have no idea where the cyclists were…

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