Memorable Memorial weekend

(Interrupting the coverage of our holiday with a post about the long weekend.) Memorial Day is one of the few holiday weekends which coincides with a bank holiday back in the U.K., and it always feels rather nice to be doing long weekendy things at the same time. Unlike back in the U.K., when our bank holidays usually used to involve heading out of town to visit friends or relations, go hiking, or lengthen a trip to somewhere in Europe, here we often tend to use them as an excuse to veg out at home. Not so this time, however, when each day involved something fun with different sets of friends, although we did still manage a decently lazy morning on Monday!
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A walk in the woods

A question for you: how do you think Tom & Emma spent what was probably the hottest Saturday of the year so far? Were they a) hanging out in some air conditioned mall or movie theatre; b) relaxing on the sands at Coney Island, or under a shady tree in Central Park; or c) schlepping upstate to walk 7 miles up a series of steep hillside trails, with the added possibility of encountering a bear along the way?


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