Easter etc.

So, Easter happened. As usual, we had a busy schedule of choir commitments, to which I added an extra evening by volunteering to masquerade as a chorister on Maundy Thursday. We also invited some friends around for Easter lunch after the two morning services, which meant the usual mad shopping-cleaning-cooking rush on top of everything else – as usual I complained about it all, but of course it was a lot of fun on the day. Continue reading

Where did February go?

I am struggling to believe that it’s March already, especially as it feels like we haven’t really done anything with 2015 yet. Of course that is complete nonsense – so far this year I’ve set foot in 10 different states (or 11, if I count changing planes in Dallas), and Tom clocked up one more with his trip to Vegas. On the New York front, however, we’ve mostly been staying indoors and trying to keep warm.

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How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

On this particular occasion we were lucky enough to get some free tickets from a friend, who was singing in a concert of rather lovely music by the composer Ola Gjeilo. This was our first visit to the main auditorium at Carnegie Hall, and we found the decor most interesting – plenty of molded plaster and gilt, but in a rather restrained style (at least when compared to many other such venues!). In some places it even looked a little like the decoration hadn’t quite been finished, but the acoustic was spectacular.

Carnegie Hall interior

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En plein air

Labor day weekend is fast approaching and with it the official end of summer (notwithstanding the fact that, if last year is anything to go by, the weather is likely to remain pleasant well into September). The end of August also brings the end of most the wonderful open-air cultural activities, so we’ve been doing our best to squeeze as many as we can into the time remaining.

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Mad dogs and Englishmen…

As I think I’ve mentioned already, Manhattan in the summer becomes a pretty outdoorsy kind of place. Open-air cultural events abound, pavement cafes are packed out, and it becomes well-nigh impossible to get into any bar with a roof terrace. That said, this last week or so has seen temperatures soar into the 90s (90F is around 32C), which seems to be encouraging many to retreat indoors once again (provided there’s air conditioning, naturally).
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