Houston, we have a problem…

… your road system is ridiculously over-complicated and supremely unpleasant to navigate: twisty connecting ramps on multiple levels, exits every few yards, and the need to change lanes repeatedly in order to avoid being spun off to goodness-knows-where. And that’s not to mention the fact that everyone drives horribly. Seriously, it all makes driving in New Jersey look positively civilised.

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Four Corners roadtrip – day 4

For the first three days of this trip we found ourselves following a fairly set routine. We’d get up and be on the road in good time, have a fairly lengthy morning driving and sight-seeing, eat a large late lunch, visit another site, drive on to our motel, and finish the day with some snacks in our room whilst checking email, reading and watching Food Network. Today, however, we only had one attraction on the itinerary, our final destination was a mere 46 miles away, and for the first time we were going to be staying in a town we actually wanted to visit instead of it being simply a convenient place to break the journey.  Continue reading

Four Corners roadtrip – day 3

Today began with the best breakfast of the trip so far – a hearty cooked meal at the restaurant, Hogan’s, adjacent to our hotel. Tom had a plentiful portion of biscuits and sausage gravy, whilst I stuck with the tried-and-tested combination of fried eggs, bacon and potatoes. Then we had a quick look around the local trading post, and a very interesting exhibit about WWII Navajo code talkers, before getting on the road.

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Four Corners roadtrip – day 2

Today’s first stop was the Petrified Forest National Park, a little under an hour’s drive west of Gallup. The first thing we discovered was that it is really two quite distinct parks, which we supposed had been bundled together for geographical convenience. It wasn’t that this mattered much, but it did mean that the visit was a lot more involved than we’d first expected. Continue reading

Four Corners roadtrip

As if we hadn’t done enough travelling already this year, the beginning of February saw us embarking upon our now annual trip to the south west for Tom to attend a conference in Las Vegas. We were planning to drive from Albuquerque in New Mexico across to Vegas, but after some deliberation we settled on a circular route instead. Each evening I wrote up the day’s journey – we were packing so much in that it was safest to record it immediately – and of course we took far too many photos along the way. Unfortunately for me I left the camera connecting cable in New York, so until I get the chance to wade through all the pictures and add them to my text this map of our route will have to suffice:

Four Corners route map

New England roadtrip

When we were looking into arrangements for our Vermont ski trip, how to get to the mountain was (unsurprisingly) a key consideration. As often seems to be the case, driving seemed to be the most financially economical option, despite it being nearly an 800 mile round trip, so we rented a car and allocated a day for travelling in each direction. So far, not all that interesting, but actually we had quite a nice time en route.

backroads in Vermont

beautiful backroads in Vermont

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Skiing Brian Head (at last!)

Having escaped from Las Vegas, we drove happily across the desert and up into the mountains, stopping at a nice little diner en route. In the original plan for this trip we would have caught the greyhound bus, which I’m sure would have been quite the experience, but I very much enjoyed driving my red jeep (especially as it had cruise control).

Driving to the mountains!
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