All travelled out … for now!

I never used to understand when people complained about travelling – how is it possible to travel too much, I thought…. Well, it turns out that four back-to-back trips, on top of several others earlier in the year, proved to be enough even for me. We’ve been home for a little over two weeks now but somehow it still feels like we’ve just landed. I’m even resisting booking our next batch of flights (including some conference travel, not just for fun), which is completely unlike me!

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Halloween 2016

We mostly missed the Garden Street Halloween festivities this year, although we’ve been admiring the decorations going up over the past few weeks, because the return journey from our Kentucky trip had us arriving home just after 8pm last night. (Yes, we’ve been away again! Full details coming soon…)

We managed a quick look at the street in all its splendour as we walked up to collect a takeaway dinner, wending our way around the last remaining groups of trick-or-treaters. I did take the camera with me but was more focussed on food than photos, so here are just a few shots of my favourite displays:

Happy Halloween Hoboken!

In our wanderings around town today, we noticed that Hoboken has taken on a suitably Jekyll-and-Hyde-like personality – uptown is all decorated houses, family parties and children trick-or-treating, whilst downtown you’ll find adults in various states of fancy (un)dress on an epic pub crawl. Obviously we are far too old and boring to even consider the latter, so after handing out our stash of candy to passers-by we took a stroll to admire the decorations.


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Hoboken Halloween

Since the beginning of October, Halloween decorations have been creeping across our neighbourhood. Skeletons, zombies and other ghastly figures jostle for space, a plethora of pumpkins parade up steps, and scarcely a railing has been left uncobwebbed. So far we’ve resisted the temptation to join in, although a mini pumpkin and some orange fairy lights have found their way into my shopping basket thus far. We’ve also been stocking up on candy in anticipation of trick-or-treaters on the night itself, and I happily invested in a rather natty pumpkin-shaped bucket to put it all in.

Cute ghost lights

Admittedly some of the decorations were more cute than scary…

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Fiendish facades

So I was going to write about how we marked the Columbus day* holiday with a visit to both the Neue Galerie** and a special exhibition at the Met***, and then go on to describe an impromptu night at the opera****, but recent wanderings around our neighbourhood gave me a much more entertaining idea.

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