Welcome to the Renaissance

So begins the opening number of the new musical Something Rotten, and what a welcome it is. For the first time ever, we found ourselves in the audience of a show just after its Broadway opening, which felt rather special. Something Rotten has been in previews for some time and a number of our friends have seen it and raved about it, so when my cousin mentioned getting tickets for something when she was in town we knew exactly what to suggest.

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Where did February go?

I am struggling to believe that it’s March already, especially as it feels like we haven’t really done anything with 2015 yet. Of course that is complete nonsense – so far this year I’ve set foot in 10 different states (or 11, if I count changing planes in Dallas), and Tom clocked up one more with his trip to Vegas. On the New York front, however, we’ve mostly been staying indoors and trying to keep warm.

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