Easter etc.

So, Easter happened. As usual, we had a busy schedule of choir commitments, to which I added an extra evening by volunteering to masquerade as a chorister on Maundy Thursday. We also invited some friends around for Easter lunch after the two morning services, which meant the usual mad shopping-cleaning-cooking rush on top of everything else – as usual I complained about it all, but of course it was a lot of fun on the day. Continue reading

Culture and countryside

Escaping Manhattan during the summer months is a storied (and sensible) pursuit, and those of us who can’t afford to take a cottage or beach house for the whole of July and August remain enviously in situ. The Berkshires (pronounced berk, not bark) are a range of hills up in Massachusetts which have long provided a summer retreat from New York and Boston, and we were delighted when some good friends invited us to drive up with them last Friday for a weekend break. Continue reading

Thrice happy

One of my favourite summer activities is going to the Globe Theatre and, despite this being our third summer in New York, this will be the first year I haven’t managed to see any of their plays since 2002. However, New York isn’t exactly devoid of Shakespeare, and the summer here offers many different opportunities to view his plays both indoors and out. In our usual slightly haphazard fashion we managed to see three in the same week, so here follows a digested view of what we thought about them all… Continue reading

Kabuki, and other excursions

Having had a different sort of weekend, I thought it was probably time for an update. Rather than our usual culture-fest we spent most of Saturday, and half of Sunday, trekking around parts of New Jersey and Queens. Our aim is to find somewhere new to live when our current lease expires in the Autumn – we love the Upper East Side but it is a little pricey, plus after almost two years in the same place (two years!) it seems like a good time to try a different area – so we wanted to visit a few cheaper neighbourhoods and see what we thought of them. Mostly we eliminated options from the list, but we do have one or two possibilities to investigate further, so watch this space…! Continue reading