Surprisingly hilly and no rain at all

Seattle confounded all our expectations from the start, as we arrived on a gloriously sunny afternoon and stared up at the hill rising sharply from the waterfront. I’m not sure why it being hilly was such a surprise, but that was the first thing we both noticed, followed immediately by the fact that it wasn’t raining.

View of Seattle from Capital Hill

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Summer Streets

Saturday just gone (August 17th) was the third and final Summer Streets event this year. We only found out about it a couple of days before, having missed the previous two, and were pleased to have made the discovery in time. Essentially what happens for Summer Streets is that Park Avenue is closed to traffic (except for at a handful of cross streets) from 73rd Street southwards. After Astor Place Lafayette Street takes up the route, enabling people to walk (or cycle) more-or-less undisturbed by four-wheeled traffic from the Upper East Side all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge.
looking south down Park

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A walk in the woods

A question for you: how do you think Tom & Emma spent what was probably the hottest Saturday of the year so far? Were they a) hanging out in some air conditioned mall or movie theatre; b) relaxing on the sands at Coney Island, or under a shady tree in Central Park; or c) schlepping upstate to walk 7 miles up a series of steep hillside trails, with the added possibility of encountering a bear along the way?


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