DC times three

When our latest visitor asked if I’d be interested in accompanying her on a short trip to Washington DC, I must admit that my heart sank a little. I’ve been to DC twice already, and it isn’t my favourite city – despite all the excellent museums and generous public spaces it somehow feels a bit soulless, even creepy, to me. Anyway, because I am an excellent friend, and a sucker for pretty much any kind of travel opportunity, my token resistance was soon overcome, reservations were made on the Greyhound bus, and a decent-looking room booked through AirBnB.  Continue reading

A weekend in Washington DC

When planning a trip it is clearly advisable to check whether there are any local festivals or events taking place at the time. On this occasion we failed to do so, which is why we found ourselves in Washington DC on Saturday April 13th with about a zillion other people celebrating the grand finale to the annual cherry blossom festival.
Washington DC Jefferson Memorial

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