So what do I know…?!

In a perfect example of why committing your thoughts to print can be somewhat hazardous, after my two posts yesterday the universe clearly decided to prove me wrong – today the weather is a whole season warmer (mild and damp, feels like London in July), and Tom went out last night and bought three extra fish and two more snails for his tank, bringing the total headcount to seven and three respectively.

However, in the spirit of making the most of it all, I shall enjoy not being cold outside today, and this gives me a perfect excuse for more pictures too – here is Brian in his favourite spot, and one of his new friends, Bob:


Mad dogs and Englishmen…

As I think I’ve mentioned already, Manhattan in the summer becomes a pretty outdoorsy kind of place. Open-air cultural events abound, pavement cafes are packed out, and it becomes well-nigh impossible to get into any bar with a roof terrace. That said, this last week or so has seen temperatures soar into the 90s (90F is around 32C), which seems to be encouraging many to retreat indoors once again (provided there’s air conditioning, naturally).
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